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Thursday, 4 November 2021

Phyllocnistis saligna new to Carmarthenshire

 A leaf mine on the upper surface of a Salix fragilis leaf from amenity plantings east of Burry Port this week puzzled me. I had the look of a Phyllocnistis but the species that utilises Salix was said to mine under the leaf on the online site that I usually consult whereas mine was a mine in the upper epidermis. I posted a query on a Facebook site and the ever-reliable George Tordoff was quick to state that it looked like P. saligna, a micro-moth species that is spreading quickly and one that he has been finding recently around Cardiff. Andy Banthorpe also later confirmed that it was saligna. Checking other online sources last night it seems that it does also occur on the upper surface, with several photos showing it so. It is new to Carms.

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