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Sunday, 14 November 2021

Late autumn moths.

 The weather forecast looked reasonable for last night (13/11) so, in spite of my sore arm after the covid booster jab, out went the actinic trap. In the event it was worthwhile, with 8 species being not bad for the time of year - these included a couple of December moths, a feathered thorn and the perhaps overlooked Acleris sparsana. There were two migrants (in spite of the N wind) - a silver y and a gem.

                                                      Above: last night`s rather dark gem.
                                         Above: December moth and, below: feathered thorn.


  1. Much the same here in Rhandirmwyn, but with the addition of a couple of Sprawlers.

  2. Sprawler was my (very unlikely) hope last night Jane...

  3. Likewise here, Sunday night's trap produced 15 moths of 5 species including three December Moths and a brace of Feathered Thorns and Silver Ys. I hesitate to call the SYs migrants though, there have been so many of them in my garden this summer that it would not be surprising if some local breeding had occurred.