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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Something new...

 Like Ian, my recent catches have been unexciting, although I would like an Old Lady in my trap. (No sniggering at the back!) There has been a noticeable onset of Flounced Rustic, second generation Vine's Rustic, and a surge of Lesser Yellow Underwing and Square Spot Rustic. This morning, almost the last moth out of the trap was a Vapourer - described as Common - but new to me and my garden. I also note in the moth atlas (thanks to I. Morgan esq) that it appears to be on the western edge of its range here in Burry Port.


  1. I had an Old Lady in the trap last week. First for the garden.

  2. It would be a garden first for me.

  3. The vapourer catch is first-class Adam. There`s an old early 1900s record from Llanllwch (just SW of Carmarthen), a 2005 larval record from Tywyn Burrows (RAF Pembrey) and Mel had an adult at Llansteffan in Sept 2014.