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Monday, 6 September 2021

No CNPs here......

 On the same day that Adam had his CNP, (what a stunner), I had a lovely little Cypress pug, a bit battered, but still a first for the garden. 

Last night, hoping that Adam may have released his beautiful moth just 'down the road a bit', I brought out the big guns, and set up the MV. This morning amongst the myriad stone flies, midges, wasps, hornets, beetles and all the usual Autumn moths, I found a striped moth that took me an age to identify. Oak Lutestring, new for me, and a nice match to the Cypress Pug.

                                               Oak Lutestring
                                            Cypress Pug


  1. A nice pair of moths Jane. Keep up the good records.

  2. I'd never be able to identify Cypress Pug. CNP was released under orders yesterday afternoon, but they're wilful little beasts and it appeared to head for Kidwelly.