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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Maenol 15/09/2021

The return from my two actinic traps last night was a modest one, but not without interest.  Notable records were August Thorn, Brindled Green, and Brown-spot Pinion:

August Thorn
Brindled Green
Brown-spot Pinion

Black Rustic was another FFY, I'm sure that there will be more of them to come.  There was a Dark Sword-grass on the wall near one trap last night, and one in the trap this morning, it may have been the same moth.  I will assume so.  Seven Silver Ys were recorded, hardly surprising since there were several in the garden yesterday on the Red Valerian and Buddleia, along with countless Small Tortoiseshell butterflies.  I've never seen so many!


  1. Same here for small tortoiseshell and Silver Y! I got my first (and only so far) August Thorn last week but no Bricndled Green or Brown-spot pinion yet. Latter I did not catch last year but several the years before.

    1. We have a wren that sits by a small buddleia bush and snaps up Small Tortoiseshells as they feed, and the occasional Silver Y. It's a voracious bird, and I fear that our population of STs is declining fast.