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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Maenol 07/09/2021

 Last night I placed the MV trap in front of a shed which is some distance from the road, and, taking a leaf from Adam's book, erected a white tarpaulin behind it.  Normally I put this trap against the white wall of the garage, but there it's visible from the road so the 20W actinic is the lamp of choice.  The turn-out last night was a bit disappointing, just over 100 moths of 36 species, but it was good to see Peach Blossom, Black Arches, Frosted Orange and Gold Spot.  Best of all though was this Hedge Rustic:

When I first saw it, the oval and kidney marks were positively glowing in the glare of the MV lamp, and the kidney mark seemed to be giving me a thumbs-up sign, so I knew that I was seeing something different.  And sure enough, although far from being a rarity, Hedge Rustic is a first for me.

As an after-thought I'm adding a photo of the trap siting.

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