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Sunday, 5 September 2021

I still can't believe it...

 Extending beyond the edge of an egg box I could see the patterned underside of a large, cold-grey and black wing. I've read so much about this moth lately that I already knew what it was, but I didn't quite believe it. Carefully turning the box over I saw a densely patterned grey triangle and just visible between the large wings were patches of light blue. Clifden Non-pareil was undreamed of and unexpected, but it was in front of me now.

I was trembling with excitement as I boxed it and placed it in the fridge. 


Not only that but nature doubly smiled on me with my first Toadflax Pug - I would have been satisfied with this lovely little moth.

It's more colourful and contrasting than Foxglove Pug and the dark line doesn't have a pronounced kink on its outside, near the leading edge of the wing.


  1. That must have been a wonderful moment Adam, and very poetically described! Well done indeed, the rest of us will continue to live in hope.

  2. A big ‘Wow’ from Rhandirmwyn. I live in hope!
    Fantastic photos, bet you’ve taken 100s.

  3. Thank you Chris, Jane, it's been a good morning.

  4. Unless something special turns up later in the season, this is likely to be the best macro of the year. A species that has been anticipated, given its spread, but still wonderful to have as a Carms moth. Well done and well deserved too as you`ve been diligently trapping over the year.
    Absolutely superb and sharp photos Adam. The aesthetics of the C N-P in particular, with the greyish background complimenting the colour of the moth itself.
    You already know that I`m jealous! No - I`m not jealous....I`m VERY jealous!

  5. Brilliant catch and great photos. Congratulations.

  6. The click on the site seems off

  7. Lovely post Adam. They are ever creeping closer to Pembrokeshire! Rosemary Royle