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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Blue and Green....

 There has been a spate of Clifden Nonpareil records over the weekend  - four sightings, continuing to last night but, alas, none for me of what must now be my `bogey moth! Arfon Williams had two separate individuals at his garden moth trap north of Ffarmers - the latest being last night (27/9); whilst over the weekend, Jane Hand caught a worn specimen at Rhandirmwyn and Lizzie Wilberforce also had one in the Amman Valley. I`m still waiting for this beauty of a moth with blue hind wings!

Perhaps we`ll now talk green rather than blue...I did a little bit of incidental leaf-mining over the weekend but have nothing novel to report. However, a couple of useful records were made - a new site for the spreading micro Phyllonorycter platani, which was found on London planes next to People`s Park, Llanelli and the continued presence of Callisto denticulella on apple leaves in my current garden.

Above: Phyllonorycter platani - if you look carefully (click on pics) you`ll see the larva in the `mid lower` area of both pics. London planes are rather rare as a planted tree in Carmarthenshire, but it is frequent in parts of Llanelli. I can`t recall any trees in Carmarthen town (there may be plantings with new developments?), but there are a very small number in a corner of the Tesco car park in Ammanford.

Above: leaf mine of the almost ubiquitous Lyonetia clerkella and, to the bottom right, a vacated mine and blotch of Callisto denticulella with its characteristic ginger-coloured frass. Check your apple trees!

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  1. I have to say that it was VERY exciting finding the CNP in the trap. I couldn’t really believe it at first.
    A beautiful moth in perfect order albeit the blue was faded.
    DHHM next year????