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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Back to normal in Burry Port

 Heeding exhortations to trap, I set up for an unprecedented fourth night in a row. The forecast rain duly arrived and in the morning the Dare Miracle Moth Sheet (TM) was well and truly soaked. Surprisingly the trap was dry and all my precious egg-boxes survived to trap another day. The trap was largely unexceptional with Large Yellow Underwing back to dominance, with 23 specimens the only species to get into double figures. My second ever Rosy Rustic was as lovely as the first and Vine's Rustic numbers reached 4.

Having previously told Jane I wouldn't recognise Cypress Pug if I saw one, I'm pleased to withdraw that statement as they are distinctive and attractive little moths, and I was pleased to nab one as it lingered near the trap.

I also found a curiously pointy, little, sharp-faced Tortrix that was new to the garden trap. After much thought I decided it was Dichrorampha, most probably plumbana. As usual I will be delighted to hear from anyone who can firm up the diagnosis.
This was a flighty creature, but I got a couple of frames in before it fled.


  1. A species of Dichrorampha is abundant in my garden, but I think it's not the same as yours, mine have a prominent triangular dorsal blotch and a pinkish hue, consistent with D.acuminatana. It seems that gen.det. may be required for absolute certainty but I'm going to be brave and record mine as acuminatana.

  2. I looked at hundreds of dichrorampha species on Google images before coming to a conclusion. One issue is that there's a lot of variability.