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Monday, 16 August 2021

Silver y

 I was thinking only last night what a poor year it has been for silver y numbers - I don`t think that I`ve seen one since the start of the July hot spell. Earlier, I popped out to the garden (to see the backlog of work - without starting it!) and spotted the silver y shown below resting atop an Astrantia seed head.

Above: two views of the same individual (from each side). Again from a distance, quite effective `dead-leaf` camouflage.


  1. I've had the odd Silver Y in the trap and in the garden during the last month or so, but it does seem to be a poor year for them, as you say. It's also turning out to be a very lean year for wasps, I've yet to see one this summer. Not necessarily good news with regard to pollination and insect pest control.

    1. Yes, you`re right regarding the wasps too Chris.There are n`t many about.