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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Minor updates

 David Thomas informs me that he has now found FOUR death`s-head hawk-moth caterpillars on potato foliage in his garden at Bynea, Llanelli.

Meanwhile, in my west Llanelli garden, I was lucky to have excellent views of a white-letter hairstreak this morning, only 3 ft away from my kitchen door.


  1. Is David going to hatch these wonderful caterpillars? It would be nice to know that they aren't being left to their own devices.

    1. Hi Chris
      They've now left the potatoes not sure where too but if I come across them in their pupated form I will put them in a box and keep them inside somewhere.

    2. Hi David, I guess they may have gone underground to pupate, 2-4" deep apparently in a fragile cocoon so care will be needed when lifting potatoes! According to Richard South (1907) the pupae won't overwinter and are best encouraged to mature into adults by 'the combined influence of warmth and moisture' (a much-cherished book from my youth!)