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Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Maenol 17/08/2021

 The contents of the small actinic trap were a bit disappointing this morning, 22 species recorded, mostly ones and twos of each except for, of course, LYUs (18).  It's always good two see Hook-tips though, in this case two of the Oak sort.  A few micros included  Acrobasis advenella and Mother of Pearl, two of each, and this Tortrix:


I suspect that this moth may be Acleris schalleriana, but would be grateful if someone could confirm or refute this view.


  1. That looks good to me Chris - well done (something that I`d like to find!).

    1. Thanks for your support Ian. Yes it was nice to see this one but I don't know what the species would feed on around here, we don't have any viburnums as far as I know. Elder perhaps, that we do have.