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Monday, 2 August 2021

Last out of the Box

 I dont know why the last moths to be teased out of my trap often seem to be the most exciting.

I had almost finished yesterday morning's trap and was just getting into the corners of the wooden Skinner, when out popped a moth I'd not seen before, but was instantly recognisable as Scallop Shell! After a panicked chase ( why do I never keep the net close to the trap?) I potted it and went back to finish off. I had left a rather dark looking Willow Beauty on the side, but it didnt look quite right so I quickly potted that as well. On closer inspection, I'm sure this is a Satin Beauty, another new moth for the garden if confirmed

. Both moths are worn and slightly tatty, as seen in my photos.

Two days beforehand I just missed potting my first Yellowtail, which disappeared into the undergrowth never to be seen again!


  1. Can't be much doubt about your Satin Beauty, Jane, right posture and dig those antennae! Nice one, I've only had SB once here, same with Yellow Tail, Scallop Shell usually turns up every year though.

    1. Thanks Chris. Had a good few nights but it’s been too cold since. Traps out tonight so fingers crossed for more excitement