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Monday, 23 August 2021

Fun at the beach...

 I popped down to one of the Machynys beaches (south of Llanelli) this afternoon and was pleased to quickly spot some Coleophora larval cases on Suaeda maritima (annual sea-blite). Checking the British Leafminers website when I returned home resulted in two east coast rarities being offered as options for this particular host-plant, so I thought that I`d better seek more knowledgeable advice and emailed George Tordoff.

George kindly answered my query to let me know that it was Coleophora atriplicis which feeds on several upper saltmarsh plants, including Suaeda, so it was n`t a `red-hot rarity`. Nevertheless it was a 2nd vcr which was good enough for me - one 1999 record is given in Sam`s 2016 Carms listing.

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