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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Double Gold for `Acer Ace Arfon`

 Arfon Williams is creating mothy waves with excellent records from his home trap site north of Ffarmers in North Carmarthenshire, and his latest achievement comprises two new county records on two consecutive nights! Both moths, one a micro the other a macro, are associated with members of the tree genus Acer. The first was Pammene trauniana, which is dependent on field maple Acer campestre, a very scarce native tree in the county but much-planted in recent decades along roads and particularly in urban areas. The second is the sycamore, a macro-moth that feeds on its namesake tree, sycamore, other maples and also on horse chestnut. The sycamore record seems to be the first for SW Wales; both species may be spreading westwards due to changing weather patterns. Well done Arfon!

                    Above Pammene trauniana and, below the sycamore. Photos: Arfon Williams.

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