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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Bland catches....

 I trapped in the garden one night last week and again last night (30/8), but on both occasions the results were very uninspiring. An old lady moth in last night`s trap was the only species of interest - the rest were common or ubiquitous moths.

There have been various snippets of hawk-moth news in the Llanelli area: David Thomas (who you may recall had death`s-head hawk-moth caterpillars on the potatoes in his Bynea garden) has now found a pupa. In my garden I noticed a youngish privet hawk-moth caterpillar on privet foliage and Marie Turke saw a hummingbird hawk-moth feeding at sage flowers in her Mansel St (Llanelli) garden last week.

                     Above: last night`s old lady moth effectively merging into the background.

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