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Tuesday, 17 August 2021

A quick wander....

 I had an appointment to take some `house renovation` rubbish to the recycling centre this afternoon (17/8) and, that done, I thought that I`d treat myself to a quick visit to a nearby brownfield area, the old de-tinning works site at Morfa in south Llanelli.

Above: a photo of part of the site, looking north. Plenty of common blue and a few small coppers were in flight. Some birch leaf-mines were collected, to be looked at when I get a chance.
Above: this poplar grey caterpillar was a nice surprise, found on a mature poplar tree at the termination of a lane that goes passed the brownfield site.
            Above: Also on the same poplar was this mine, believed to be Stigmella trimaculella.
Above: seen on some horse-grazed pasture on the remnant area of coastal grazing levels nearby was this Pyrausta despicata, one of several seen.

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  1. I've only seen Poplar Grey larva once, a pretty thing.