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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Moth Night Week end


I put out the MV on Friday and Saturday night for Moth Night and was well rewarded!

A total of 74 species of macro, plus at least 18 identified micros. I had 175+ macro moths on Friday and a further 160 + on Saturday.

Among the 11 FFY were 5 Swallow-tailed (the most I have ever had), Large Emerald, Dot Moth, Cloaked Carpet, Sandy Carpet, Garden Tiger, Beautiful Hook-tip and Slender Brindle. Double figures  of Buff Arches,  Brimstone, Riband Wave and Rustics. Always good to see Burnished Brass, Beautiful Golden  Y and the rather comical Spectacle too.

Nothing outstanding in the micro list except for my first Green Oak Tortrix, which I was very pleased with!

The very last rather plain looking moth that I removed seemed a bit different and I believe it is a Waved Carpet which would be a new moth for me, if it could be confirmed. It is well worn but seems to fit the description, size and shape!


  1. Well done Jane, good to see that you were active at the weekend. My numbers were much the same as yours, 170+ on Thursday night, haven't done a tally for Saturday night yet but it won't be much different. Waved Carpet looks good, a nice record if so. I'm going to miss seeing Dave Grundy this month, the hoped-for courses didn't materialise.

  2. Yes shame about Dave, looks as if FSC have dropped him , great pity.

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