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Sunday, 11 July 2021

Maenol 10/07/2021 (National Moth Night 3)

Last night I was hoping for a repeat of a trapping session almost exactly a year ago (12th July 2020) which produced, amongst other species, both Cloaked Carpet and V-Moth.  To maximise the chances I set three traps up in the garden, the Robinson MV and Skinner actinic which I had used on Thursday night and a small 9w actinic which was sited near a perimeter hedge.  Having closed down the two larger traps at 5am I inspected the small trap and my spirits were raised when I saw these two moths on the vanes:

Cloaked Carpets

Much later on this morning I had almost finished emptying the traps when, at the bottom of the small box, the wish was fulfilled:


The night was also notable for the appearance of another species which has proved to be elusive here:

Lilac Beauty


  1. Fabulous Chris, I'm still waiting for another Lilac Beauty. One day...

  2. Thanks Adam, I've had to wait 8 years for Lilac B, the only previous records here were two caught in July 2013. It's worth the wait though!