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Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Llansteffan Moths

As Ian was talking about my moths, I thought I would post about my recent catch, on the 18th.  I had 40 - yes, you read it right - 40 (my age) Argolamprotes micella; there are raspberry bushes in the garden and lots of bramble around the area so I think they are definitely here to stay. It was a really slow start to the year as the weather has been cold and I find I'm always behind others in the start of the catching stakes, so I'm really pleased when I do catch some of my favourite moths. I've had three types of Hawk moth
so far, but not the Small Elephant yet. I have had six types of Hawk moth at this site.
I can remember the excitement of catching the Cream-bordered Green Pea and then total excitement at also getting it in my small garden.  I can't do a lot of trapping at this site this year but I am hoping for more of my favourites. Happy moth-ing everyone, there is light at the end of the tunnel, pardon the pun.

Some of my other favourite moths turned up as well.
L-album Wainscot.

Four-spotted Footman

Dark Spectacle

Cream-bordered Green Pea.

Crambus pascuella

Catoptria pinella


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