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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

FFYs and a new micro in Burry Port

 Another compact but reasonably diverse trap last night.

I was particularly taken by this collection of Noctuids:

The moth on the left looks like Double Square-spot and the one in the middle like Triple-spotted Clay but what of the worn specimen on the right? I suspect it's another Triple-spot from the shape of the markings.

The second generation of Early Thorn has started to appear.

And I found my first Small Angle Shades of 2021.

Finally, this small, quite worn micro looks like Teleiodes luculella.

Whatever it is, I've never seen it before.


  1. I can't help you with the Gelechid, Adam, it's not familiar. Regarding DSS/TSC I've never been happy with distinguishing between them, I don't think that the wing markings or colour are much help, nor size, too variable. I try to look at hindwings but they're generally not keen for me to see them!
    It's beginning to look as though we may have been the only ones trapping last
    weekend, if so that's very disappointing!

  2. I checked the hind wing of the central moth and it was pale and quite uniform. Definitely Triple-Spotted. They are very difficult.

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  4. Ian tells me the micro is actually a Caryocolum sp. Sigh..

    1. Yes I can see that it might be C.marmorea (sandy coasts?), if so it would be at least as good a record as T.luculella!

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