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Friday, 23 July 2021

Ffairfach 22/7/2023

 Still not very large numbers here, but many species that I have not seen for years, so I am happy with the night's endeavours.

Among the micros were the two shown below:

Anania crocealis

Mompha propinquella

I was surprised to see another small moth here that was seen in numbers at Cwmllwyd (where the habitat seems much more suitable) - here it is:

Marsh Oblique-barred! 

One moth has be beaten, however: if anyone can I.D. it for me I will be most grateful.


  1. I suggest that your last moth is a mottled rustic Steve, given the blurred border of the stigma. If you were to check the hind wing colour, it should be white.

  2. Most grateful Ian - I have now checked it and your RIGHT, it's WHITE!