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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Diversity in Burry Port

 To amplify Ian's remarks, my trap attracted 42 species last night, of which 16 had not appeared in the previous trap. Different moths included Middle-barred Minor, Herald and Sallow Kitten, all firsts for the year. I had two examples of Pammene aurita which I haven't had for some time.

The other didn't make it!

And a lovely yellow-orange footman.

I believe this is Buff Footman.
I also had three Timothy Tortrix, which was a surprise as I have never seen it before! Still going strong in the garden are Riband Wave, Willow Beauty, Early Thorn and White-line Dart, with 27 of the 81 moths seen.


  1. Re the Timothy Tortrix, I have had uncountable 100s in the trap over three days last week. This happened last year as well, then went back to the occasional one or two.

  2. Wow, my overall numbers are low, still haven't got to 3 figures for a trap this year.

  3. The Footman is a Dingy - wings are much too broad and rounded for Buff or Common.