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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Different nights - different moths

 I`ve been trapping now for six consecutive nights and it`s perhaps surprising that the numbers of presumed recaptures are relatively few and there are new species only turning up on single nights. I`ll do one more trap tonight (Thurs, 22nd) before - probably - putting my traps away for a few nights. However, the anticipated weekend thundery conditions can often yield moths of interest and an element of easterly winds may add spice. We`ll see whether I`ll trap or not....just a few photos below:

Above: winner of the `slimmer of the year` competition: scarce footman.

Above: I used to catch the scarce burnished brass from time-to-time at Pwll but this is probably the first occasion that I`ve caught it at my present trapping site.

     Above: an improved photo of a slender pug, compared to the one offered a few days ago.

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