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Saturday, 17 July 2021

A Bryotropha broken promise and some FFYs

 Last night produced my best catch of the year - still failing to break the ton at 98 but achieving 51 species. An interesting tortrix which I think was Epiblema cirsiana sprang into the air as I lifted the camera to my eye.  Crambus Pascuella, Eudonia Mercurella and Red-barred Tortrix made a first appearance for the year.

Two of my favourite scarcer noctuids turned up for the first time in 2021.

White-line Dart and Marbled Green.

I also caught two small, brown, boring micros which I realised were probably the same species.

I know I pledged not to post Brytrophas but...are these terella?

Finally a first Momphid for the year:

Mompha proprinquinella.


  1. Those Bryotropha look too contrasting for terella - given your coastal location they could be various different species and I'm afraid really need dissection for ID.

  2. Thank you Sam. Back to the drawing board...