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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

26/07/2021 Taliaris SN6629

Plutella porrectella 

Number 11?


  1. Envious Steve, as it`s one that I`ve unsuccessfully searched for on stands of the locally-infrequent Dame`s Violet Hesperis matronalis.

  2. Hi Ian. I could not find any recent records of this species on this web site so I carried out a full search. The only record was from 2016, which to my astonishment, I found was my own posting! You and Sam concluded that the record was the 10th for the species in Carms. Can it be true that no-one since than has seen the moth for five years and that this one is the 11th record in the County?

    1. I`m not sure who made the other records (ie I have n`t access to the database). Sam is best placed to answer your query. I remembered your 2016 record, though.