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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Hidden amongst the bigguns

 I had quite a good actinic trap full this morning, 140 moths, 56 species, and one or two to still identify.

18 Peppered Moths, 5 Elephants, Alder, Clouded Silver, Seraphim, 4 Scorched Wing, Coronet, Purple Bar, 2 Grey Birch, Purple Thorn, plus the Prominents and Carpets, Pugs, Ermines and Tussocks. Quite a few micros, a Bee Moth, Nettle Tap, Small Magpie, some Grass moths, and this little fellow, who I hope is Teleiodes luculella. There don’t seem to be many records of it here, although it is listed as common.


  1. Thanks Chris. It was one of those ‘Final check in the trap’ moths.

  2. That was an excellent trapping session, Jane, you certainly chose a good night for it. I should have delayed my Monday night effort for a couple of days when conditions were significantly better. As it was I put an actinic trap out last night and caught ONE moth, a Muslin Moth! I had hoped for a bit of cloud cover but it was a clear, cold night here, best avoided.

  3. I’ve just realised that Seraphim is a first for me here. I’ve previously just had Small Seraphim.