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Monday, 14 June 2021

An orange theme this morning...

 In rather a bland catch last night (13/6) there was not anything to really excite me this morning. The overnight  weather seemed perfect - very warm, still and overcast but, again, there was neither variety nor quantity in the traps. There was a single privet hawk-moth (not unusual in Llanelli garden traps) and orange footmen continue to do well this year (as they did in 2020 after a relative absence of a few years). I`ve been having twos or threes in the traps recently.

Last night I had 5 orange footmen in two traps (MV and mains actinic) and the orange theme was complimented by a bordered sallow and an Acleris mitterbacheriana, the latter being a feeder on oaks and beech, both of which occur in nearby woodland.

                                Above: bordered sallow and, below, Acleris mitterbacheriana.

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