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Friday, 2 April 2021

Maenol 02-04-2021

 The actinic skinner trap placed at the back of my bungalow last night attracted a single Hebrew Character, which was inside the trap.  No moths were found outside it; I put this down to a brisk, cool north-easterly which was swirling around the trap.  On the other hand another actinic trap, situated at the front and sheltered from the wind, contained 47 moths of 11 species.  Worthy of note were Mottled Grey, Early Tooth-striped, and this rather battered White-marked:

I do hope that I've got this one right!!


  1. Dare I say that I'm sure that you have?! I have the photo and remember trapping one of these in 2018! Well done you.

  2. Furthermore, White-marked was described by Sam in 2016 as category B - rare or difficult to ID, with 94 county records at that time.

  3. Thanks Steve, I've checked back and we both had them in 2019. The images were much the same as mine today so I think that you're right,it's OK!

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