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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Maenol 31-03-2021

 MV and actinic traps were set last night and attracted 100 moths of 13 species.  Considering the conditions, which seemed ideal (cloudy, mild, light southerly wind, we don't get it like that very often here!) I'm a little disappointed. Nothing unusual turned up and only two species were FFY: Brindled Beauty and Early Tooth-striped:

Early Tooth-striped

Oak Beauty, which featured regularly mid-month, was notable for its absence.


  1. Had my Actinic out, and like you was quite disappointed. Just 60 for 13 species, with a FFY Dark Sword Grass and another Blossom Underwing. It is nearly a full moon so perhaps that is affecting the catch. I will try again tonight

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