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Thursday, 25 February 2021

A trip to the shed....

 What`s a trip to the shed got to do with mothing? Actually nothing, but on the way back to the kitchen door I flushed a micro which then flitted around in a slightly whirling flight. I thought that I might as well see whether it could be caught if it settled. It did n`t settle but I went into the kitchen to get a tube kept `ready for action`, grabbing one with a diameter of less than an inch. The moth had gone, so I looked around the corner of the house and, luckily, I could see it still in flight. Trying to catch it, in flight, with a tube of limited diameter, was difficult but, after one catch after when it immediately escaped, I caught it on the second attempt.

I glanced at it, put it into the fridge and had my breakfast.

I believe that it is Bankesia conspurcatella. The species is described as flying in the early morning sunshine (mine was caught at 8.15 am) and the season is right. I`m not sure whether I`m more pleased that (a) I unexpectedly chanced upon it (b) I managed to catch it -in flight -with a specimen tube or (c) that it`s a rarity!

PS - I have added another photo, the 2nd one above,


  1. Above was confirmed by Sam Bosanquet and George Tordoff, with the latter making the following comment on Butterfly Conservation (Wales) social media:
    "A nice find by Ian Morgan in Llanelli - the bagworm moth Bankesia conspurcatella flying around in his garden early this morning. Elsewhere in Wales this Red Data Book species is only known from Glamorgan, where it occurs at a few sites in Bridgend and Cardiff".

  2. Well done Ian, that's a fantastic find. I've found in the past that trips to and from the shed can often be rewarding!

  3. Congratulations Ian. Well spotted, well caught and well photographed! A great find.