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Monday, 5 October 2020

Where are the moths?

 I don't know about anyone else, but my trapping has been thoroughly depressing for the last month. Very few species, and low counts, I've not seen a micro for weeks. I'm hoping it's because of the continuous  bad trapping conditions and not a huge drop in actual numbers. 

Apologies for being absent on the blog for a while. I have trapped through out the summer but not had anything earth shattering after my early successes!

Onwards and upwards. Stay safe.


  1. I trapped on Saturday night, result? Six moths of 5 common species. It's been poor for months now.

  2. Numbers are pretty low at Dingestow at the moment too, just boosted by one common species each night (>20 Lunar Underwings for the last couple of weeks, now replaced by >20 Beaded Chestnut). I think the weather has been mostly rubbish, so if you miss the occasional warmer night (which is often rainy) you just won't get much at all - a clear night in Sept/Oct drops to <10 degrees whereas a clear night in June/July will usually stay in double figures.

    I assume you don't use a timer to switch your light on/off. I know a few people do (more as a way of ensuring the light goes on I think) but if you get the timing wrong and it switches off 15 minutes before dawn you'll lose everything.