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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Moths are around

Well, just a few.  I put a trap out on Sunday night - a very last minute decision, it was fairly dark when I switched it on - but 15 moths turned up.  The count was Red-line Quaker 4, Green-brindled Crescent 3, Epirrita sp. and Common Marbled Carpet 2 of each, and singles of Yellow-line Quaker, Dark Chestnut, Flounced Chestnut, and Pine Carpet.

                                                                          Epirrita sp.
                                                             Green-brindled Crescent
                                                                       Dark Chestnut

I shall continue to trap every now and then just in case there's something out there.  After all, what else is there to do in self-isolation at this time of year?


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  2. Garden mothing is actually a perfect hobby for the current situation.I think I will have a bigger total then ever before for species in the garden - not because the mothing was particualry good (in fact I am sure numbers are down) but because of the constant trapping effort every month with no holidays! Not looking forward to the mothless winter though. Rosemary Royle