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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Better catches

 The last few nights have seen slightly more interesting catches at last. Good numbers of Black Rustic, Spruce Carpet, Dark Chestnut and Yellow Line Quaker, plus the odd Merveille du Jour, Green Brindled Crescent and Red Sword-grass. November Moths have just started to arrive, but I find it hard to differentiate between them all, all tips greatfully received! This mornings trap was even more interesting, amongst the usual suspects were a single Rusty Dot Pearl, (which escaped as I was about to photograph it), a pristine Feathered Thorn and a magnificent Large Wainscot - I think only the second one that I have seen here in Rhandirmwyn. 

                                               Large Wainscot

1 comment:

  1. Your Large Wainscot is a nice record, Jane. The November Moths need to be recorded as November Moth agg unless you gen det them - please don't be tempted to ID them on wing markings!!