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Sunday, 27 September 2020

Check your yarrows!

 I found the larval cases of Coleophora argentula on dried-up flower heads of yarrow at three sub-sites east of Burry Port yesterday afternoon (26/9), so it`s worth checking your local stands of Achillea millefolium if you get a chance.


  1. Thankyou Ian. I checked a long-established Yarrow patch at Dingestow and found cases very quickly, having never looked here before. I'll check at Cnwc this weekend.

  2. I`ve been finding even more sites for this Coleophora around Llanelli in the last few days. It`s really easy to find at present and it`s a good way to add another moth to one`s local list - just look at old, dried and brown heads of yarrow flowers.

  3. I checked mine, no cases but the flowers were still quite fresh. There was a minute green caterpillar in one of the flowers though so will keep checking.