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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Autumn is Here

Like Adam I've had several disappointing trapping sessions recently but things improved on Monday night, conditions had improved and my single actinic trap brought in 60 moths of 17 species (and two more that I couldn't identify).  

Two species were particularly notable because, to me, they signify that Autumn is here (as if I hadn't realised!):

                                                                     Frosted Orange
                                                                       Autumnal Rustic

I put this one down as a Lesser Yellow Underwing, but in view of the wing tip markings perhaps it deserved a closer look:

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the moonlit nights brought it out Chris?
    Not trapped for a while - indeed almost my last trap was in the week before NMN and the results were poor. I did n`t trap over the NMN weekend as I had family visiting and when I re-trapped on the Monday, I had one moth in the trap!
    Did a bit of Pachyrhabda larval tube searching not too far from your home patch last Saturday (in the Drefach-Felindre area) but no luck.