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Thursday, 27 August 2020

Scraping the barrel in Burry Port

 It feels like ages since I've trapped, so I was looking forward to picking through the egg boxes this morning. However there was little of interest except for one micro that had me puzzling, was it a small Tortrix or something else? The something else seems to be Apple-leaf Skeletoniser, Choreutis pariana.

Taken on the floor tiles in the conservatory. At this resolution it looks like lino.


  1. That`s something nice to find in the bottom of a barrel, Adam. It`s a species that I`d long hoped-for at Pwll (where I had plenty of fruit trees), but it never came.
    I believe that it`s a new county record too...not bad!

  2. I never knew. I have a lot of fruit trees too. Nice to get NCR. Hope Sam concurs.

  3. That's an excellent Apple to scrape out of the bottom of the Barrel: yes, it's the first Choreutis pariana for VC44. I have only seen it twice at Dingestow (VC35) in 25 years of mothing here, despite my main trap site being adjacent to a long-established orchard, so I'm pretty sure it's a wanderer/migrant to our counties. My two sightings were: 1 nectaring on flowers at dusk on a woodland ride (a long way from apple trees) in autumn 2003 and 1 to MV at Dingestow Court in autumn 2006. Both 2003 and 2006 were excellent migrant/wanderer years. Moths of Glamorgan only gives one recent record, from Kenfig in 2002, which suggests the species isn't well established anywhere in south Wales.

  4. You've made a good start to NMW, Adam, although I suppose that you'll have to date it August 26th. I might try trapping close to my apple trees tonight....