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Thursday, 20 August 2020

Poor night for Macros



Not much of interest among the Macro moths in the trap, apart from this "very" Old Lady. There was a more pristine example on the wall during the night but she escaped during my bungled attempt to try and get her into a container.

There were some more interesting Micro moths though -see below. (As always corrections to any IDs are gratefully accepted).

A rather off-colour Pyrausta despicata and a  Pammene populana.

Lobesia littoralis and Coptotriche marginea .

Making a change from the usual Eudonia sps. E. pallida and E. angustea



  1. You continue to produce good results Colin, with Lobesia littoralis only the 2nd county record; whilst the Pammene populana is about the 7th county record.

  2. It may be the 2nd county record for L.littoralis but there were 6 in the trap this morning - along with not much else!