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Sunday, 2 August 2020

More Maenol Micros

Recent trapping sessions have produced few macros of interest amongst the hoards of Yellow Blunderwings, although Friday night did produce a FFY, Twin-spot Carpet.  A few micros are worthy of mention, even if they are mostly fairly common species:

                       Acleris hastiana

                     Tinia semifulvella

               Swammerdamia pyrella

          Parornix sp., probably anglicella

I haven't discovered how to align these images side-by-side under the new system.  Why do they have to change these things?  The old procedure seemed to work well.



  1. Hi Chris as regards the alignment it could be because you have a "caption" to the photo. The "caption" box would seem to extend across the page - (longer than the text) so not leaving room for another photo. You could if you had the time do away with a caption and add the details as another line of body text, then make the text smaller and italic, but you could spend an hour trying to get it right as the photos seem to have a mind of their own as you try and align them!


  2. Thanks for that suggestion Colin, but I don't think that it's the solution, I have always aligned the reduced-size photos side-by-side then added captions to both together. I will try the process again, but I won't spend hours at it. I only started the dual format in order to save space and allow for more posts on a page, the reduced size photos seem to capable of the same enlargement as the full-size ones.