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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Meagre hauls in Burry Port

I trapped for two nights in a row, and despite favourable conditions, especially last night, numbers have been low. Three quarters of the trap have been Large Yellow Underwing or Small Chinamark, the latter seem to love the margins of my small pond.
Rosy Footman was the most striking macro, an FFY.
There were a couple of mystery micros, which I spent some time puzzling over. The identity of this Tortrix did not reveal itself until I looked at my photograph on the laptop.
Only at a large scale could I see the pink flush - Notocelia incarnatana I believe. A first for me.
I also added to my collection of unremarkable brown moths, again only clinching the id with a picture.
It's another Bryotropha - terrella I think. Yawn!
Finally there were some very small extras at the bottom of the trap.

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