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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Llansteffan moths

 I have enjoyed reading about everyone’s trap catches and exciting finds. I have been trapping a lot but I am still having slight problems in posting stuff. Hopefully I’m getting to grips with things.

A few photo’s of my highlights and favourite moth pictures. The next few nights are going to be warm so I shall try to trap regular and post as soon as, instead of waiting months.

Gold Spot

Sallow Kitten

Chinese Character

Double Kidney

White-line Dart?

Barred Rivulet

Acleris emargana

Pammene Auriga

Is this a Langmaid’s Yellow Underwing


  1. Great shots, a pleasure to look at. I find it easier to identify the darts when they are "upright" rather than sideways but I can't see a dart on your White-line Dart. Having said that I don't know what else it could be - a square spot? Your Gold Spot is lovely, I'm deeply envious. The Underwing doesn't look right for Lesser Broad-bordered, but wiser heads will have to confirm Langmaid's.

  2. Thanks Adam for your comments on my photo’s, I have been practicing with photo stacking which then gives you one clear image. I’m not a gr8 photographer but I’m trying to better myself. I love your posts, but I have had a lot of trouble commenting on anyone’s post so have been unable to leave my thoughts. I wasn’t sure about the Dart but I have had a few more recently with the line that look the same as the one without. I’ll sent my Gold spot across to you.

  3. I wouldn't claim to be one of Adam's 'wiser heads', and I agree with him that the hindwing of your moth doesn't look like a typical Lesser BBYU. However, I must confess that I don't make a habit of inspecting the hindwings because the literature says that Langmaid's can't be safely identified from this feature alone. Perhaps we should pay more attention to hindwings even though moths can be quite reluctant to expose them!

  4. I don’t usually check for Langmaid’s Chris, but it was on a Facebook group and the chap there made it look easy by doing a little video of holding them with a cotton wool bud after being in the freezer for 40 seconds. Thought I’d have a go, but it’s harder than it looks. If it’s right then all mine were Langmaid’s lol