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Friday, 21 August 2020

Caught in the act....

 Adaina microdactyla is a small, dainty plume moth that is associated with hemp agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum; indeed it is the larval food-plant. The larva feeds within the stem and they are usually fully fed by July and August, a few emerge as adults then but the rest overwinter and often move to thicker portions of the stem where they will spend the colder months. Obviously they have to re-enter the stem via a new hole which they excavate and one such larva was spotted doing so yesterday at Morfa Berwig LNR at Bynea, Llanelli. Here it is, excavating away, head-first.


  1. How many hemp agrimony stems did you have to check before you found him Ian?

  2. None!....I just happened to spot it as I walked along. However, I`ve been on the look out on previous occasions for the holes made by the larvae, with variable success (or lack of!).