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Thursday, 27 August 2020

A London buses

 I did a little leaf-mining yesterday (26/8), visiting some urban areas of the western outskirts of Llanelli. The walk included a visit to pay homage to some poplars that, last year, held Phyllocnistis unipunctata and indeed,  the larvae of this micro-moth and their silvery mines were again present on the poplar leaves.

Nearby, I passed some hemp agrimony and thought to myself how infrequently that I find the larval holes of the little hemp-agrimony plume Adaina microdactyla (see my last blog, immediately below). Nevertheless, I glanced at the hemp agrimony stands as I strode onwards and - hey presto! - there was one. It`s a pleasing record as it is (just) in SN50, whereas the larva spotted last week at Berwig LNR was in SS59 and my previous records (of adults and larval holes) was in SN40 (Pwll).

              Above: the stand of hemp agrimony at the NE corner of Old Castle Pond, Llanelli.

Above: the tell-tale larval hole of the hemp-agrimony plume - these can be seen even in winter, when the stems have turned brown; indeed it may be easier to locate them in that season as the leaves will have dropped.

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