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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

A mixed bag in Burry Port

 Last night produced the biggest haul of the year so far, largely composed of 84 Large Yellow Underwings. Other species chipped in with 12 White-line Dart, 6 Shuttle-shaped Dart and 6 Willow beauty. The pick of the macros was my first Dusky Thorn of the year.

There were a number of new micros including Aproaerema anthyllidella.

It's a small, but not tiny, dark micro.

Another life was the attractive Honeysuckle moth, like a giant diamondback.

Finally, what I take to be a Coleophora sp. with quite distinct markings. It's not a family I have seen much at all.

Any ideas? Am I even barking up the right tree?


  1. Have a look at Coleophora lineolea, I have had a few but Sam says it needs det gen to be certain.

  2. That's what I thought it looked like but I don't think it's on the Carms list.