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Thursday, 20 August 2020

A migrant from Southern Europe?

 My daughters partner Mark Carter caught this micro this morning in his actinic trap here . He identified it as Palpita vitrealis. Is it reported regularly in West Wales?


  1. So that's why the Palpita didn't make it to Brechfa - it was intercepted on its way in from the south! I've still never seen one in Wales... There were just 7 Carmarthenshire records up to the end of 2019, so it's a super catch!

  2. Yes, indeed an excellent record. The first Carms record, incidentally, was made by Jon Baker at Llansteffan in c 2006 or so.
    The fern in the background is soft shield-fern (for those who wish to search for Pachyrhabda steropdes tubular cocoons on the underside).

  3. Stephen Ruttle has also had one recently at Halfway