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Saturday, 15 August 2020

A busy, busy night on the 13th.

 Encouraged by Ian I have started trapping again after moving house about 5 years ago and I'm slowly getting back into it again. Must say I was completely overwhelmed a couple of nights ago with over 60 species and 200 moths -must admit it was more than I can handle actually. 

Some of the nicer specimens were:

Bullrush Veneer (Calamotropha paludella) and Reed Veneer (Chilo phragmitella).

Vestal and a nicely marked Yellow-barred Brindle.


A Bordererd Pug and what seems like a rather worn Straw Conch (Cochylimorpha straminea)

Any corrections would be appreciated.


  1. Back with a bang, Colin!
    Your dets look ok to me, though I had to ponder about the last one. I prefer the scientific names added for the first two...Calamotropha paludella (actually good record) and Chilo phragmitella.
    Some really nice moths that suggest you`ve got a prime mothing garden, I say with some jealousy. Please keep on trapping!

  2. Welcome back, Colin! Yes, I too find 200+ moths too much these days - I had nearer 300 on Tuesday night, far too many given that failing eyesight and arthritic hands mean that everything takes much longer than it used to. I opted for a small Heath-type trap last night which was much more manageable.

  3. I`ve just asked Sam to double-check the last moth, Colin.
    My traps are out....