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Friday, 3 July 2020

Wednesday Night at Maenol

I feel almost embarrassed to follow Jane's post describing her remarkable catch on Tuesday night, but I need some help so here goes.  Nothing out of the ordinary turned up here, although it was nice to see the pine-feeding gelechid Exoteleia dodecella again:

One noctuid is giving me some id problems though, it's one of the Dart group I think:

The only Darts I've seen here regularly are H&D and Double Dart, although I have had Turnip Moth once, in 2015.  Could this one be a small TM?  If so it's not a male because the hindwings were dull grey-brown, not pearly white, and the antennae weren't feathered.  Might it be a Heart and Club?  Perhaps someone will be able to say one way or the other, I'd be grateful for any advice.

1 comment:

  1. Consensus of opinion from Facebook Group is female Turnip Moth. I'm happy with that and will record it as such.