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Monday, 13 July 2020

Two Key FFYs at Maenol

A preliminary inspection of the MV trap outside the back door at 4.30am this morning revealed the two species at the top of my wish list:

                Cloaked Carpet                                        V Moth

I have yet to look inside the traps, so there may well be another report from me later today.

On reflection it seemed appropriate to continue with this one.  It has been a busy day sorting through last night's two traps, MV and actinic.  The final tally was 247 moths of 67 species, although 70 of them were Uncertain/Rustics.  The highlights were the two species above, more especially because three of each were recorded.  I've never had more than one V-moth in a session before.  Other FFYs worthy of mention were Grass Emerald, Northern Spinach, Magpie Moth, and Rosy Footman.

                 Grass Emerald                                   Magpie Moth

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see two of the Maenol moth celebrities (both species that I`ve not seen), so well done.
    Jane also had a cloaked carpet at Rhandirmwyn last week.