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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

New Pug for Maenol

Two exceptionally well-marked pugs were resting on the wall by my small actinic trap this morning.

Surely I can't be mistaken in thinking that this one is a Narrow-winged Pug, which is a species that I've not seen before, but the markings and the wing shape are so distinctive:

The second one is much more familiar, a Double-striped Pug, but a very nice example of the species:

These two apart there was nothing remarkable about the catch, a selection of the usual suspects, although they included the first Drinker Moth of the season:


  1. Well done again Chris. Narrow Winged Pug was one of my favourites up on the mountain - quite common up there.

  2. Thanks Steve, I used the search facility to see where NWP had occurred before and saw your previous reports, not surprising I suppose since its food plant is heather. Probably no coincidence that we've got heather growing 3m from the trap site.