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Monday, 13 July 2020

Modest with FFYs

There were only about 60 individuals of 25 species in last night's trap in my Burry Port garden. The Lesser/Common Rustics were well into their stride with 14 individuals as well as 5 Dark Arches and a single Buff Arches. I was pleased to see some less familiar moths included in the FFYs. Some of them seem quite battered. Yellow Shell is reasonably regular.
 I've only had Blackneck a couple of times before.
Nut-tree Tussock is regular in small numbers.
And this is only my second Double-Lobed, and very handsome too.



  1. Double-lobed is a cracker! I`ve only had it c 3 times (and with my `away-from-home` trapping), so a nice catch and making it worth you trapping last night Adam.

  2. Double-lobed does indeed look very handsome, Adam, you do get some very nice moths in Burry Port. I suppose that it helps being fairly close to Pembrey Forest!

  3. There's a real patchwork of habitats around Burry Port, dunes, grassland, gardens, water and woods all close by. I've no complaints!